I have been a professional psychic for 20
years since I discovered my ability to utilize
the Norse runes and dominoes for psychic
readings. On both sides of my family
mothers and fathers there has been a history
of people with special abilities. The women
on my mothers side of the family had been
playing card readers,
I would watch them
when I was a little boy
and learned many
skills from them
. The men on my fathers
side of the family could
Witch wells with a
"Y" shaped willow stick.

I have been employed during the mid 90s
by both the Psychic Readers Network and
Psychic Friends Network. In which time I
read for
many clients from across the

My primary form of divination
reading is through the use of the Elder
Futhark Norse rune
s. I discovered my
ability to use them after an intensive study
of their individual meanings from 1990-1992.

Over the years I have been interviewed
about my abilities by various forms of
public media up to and including having
been interviewed in the mid 90s a couple of
times by CNN for my related skills and
psychic knowledge.

If you would like a reading please visit my
price page to schedule an appointment